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Are you prepared for the next disaster?

Do you have all the resources needed to keep your family safe?

These are some basic questions that thousands of Long Islanders have been asking themselves since experiencing the devastation left in Super Storm Sandy’s wake.  The team at Bridging The Gap Communications want to provide the answer to these and many other questions to Long Islanders.

The website was started by Long Island residents who felt the need to take all the useful information needed before, during, and after a disaster hits and compile it into one comprehensive emergency preparedness website for all Long Island Residents to see.  Our goal is to get local information to the residents of Long Island without them having to search for hours on the internet, while giving them a community based forum to discuss past, current, and future events.


  • General Category (rules of the board, introductions, announcements, and more)

  • BTG Communication Subscribers only room (discuss repeater information and topics)

  • Weather and Hazard Information (announcements on events Local and Global)

  • Disaster and Survival preparedness (communication, drv, alternative energy, and more)

  • Lending a Hand (Sandy info, insurance topics, paying it forward)

  • Room for everything else from computer support to a place to start your own topic

  • Emergency Contact Info (Nassau and Suffolk Counties, Ny State, Fema, etc.)  




The forum is the crux of our website.  It provides many sections for members to view and post pertinent information for all members to see.  We encourage our members to introduce themselves in our introductions section and be active in discussing the topics posted on the forum.  We believe this exchange of information is vital in preparing for the next big event that will negatively impact the island.


Bridging The Gap Communications currently operates a GMRS repeater system.  GMRS stands for General Mobile Radio Service and is an FCC regulated means of communications.  During Sandy the devastation to the power grid on Long Island made communications virtually impossible. Land lines were down, and there was a lack of power to cellular towers which prevented cell phone communications.  Our repeater system can not be anymore prepared for such an event.


The main repeater transmitter is located in Plainview, NY. Our newest addition and second repeater location is in Selden, NY. The two repeaters are linked thus greatly expanding our coverage area. At both locations our antennas are on the towers over 300 feet in the air (plus ground elevation).  It runs on electric, but has a back-up diesel generator that can run seven days without any attention, as well as a battery back-up system that can help with the transferring from electric to backup power.  Our repeater system covers Long Island, NYC, and parts of both New Jersey and Connecticut. This allows our subscribers the ability to keep in contact with their families on both a daily basis as well as in the event of an emergency. All subscribers are required to have a valid GMRS license issued by the FCC in order for them and their immediate family to have use of the repeater system. BTG Communications hosts an Info-net every Sunday evening at 20:30 hours. The Info-net is a great opportunity for our subscribers to practice radio etiquette during emergency operations. Between the Info-net and daily use subscribers subliminally learn proper radio procedures. Subscribers who have never transmitted on a radio up until now operate like a seasoned pro. A majority of our subscribers are also licensed ham radio operators which allows us to fill the gap in communciations during emergency situations.

Volunteering is great, however volunteering and being trained in emergency response, first aid, communications, search and rescue and weather reporting is even better! These are just a few of the services we have arranged and can offer our subscribers. Training by organizations such as NOAA, Nassau County CERT (community emergency response team), Skywarn, ARES, Nassau County OEM (office of emergency management), and the American Red Cross to name a few.


Bridging The Gap Communications with the help of its supporters and members have obtained its first Disaster Response Vehicle (DRV). This vehicle can be deployed to a hard hit area and act as a mobile command post, communications unit, as well as a place for first aid supplies, food and water supplies. It is also equipped with basic tools to assist in clearing roadways, traffic control, etc. This vehicle will be used to assist other agencies in their efforts and to work as a team to help any needed community.


The owners of believe that working alone for a good cause, creates good results. Working together as a TEAM creates amazing results. Super Storm Sandy made it obvious that when a disaster hits, Fire, Police and EMS workers can’t help everyone. The communities came together and helped each other, friends,  neighbors and strangers. These acts of kindness are why we formed Bridging The Gap Communications. We stand by a famous quote from Benjamin Franklin “By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail”. Check out the site and see for yourself. Thank you and be safe.





NASSAU COUNTY, N.Y. ON GMRS CH 4 : 462.625mhz / SUFFOLK COUNTY, N.Y ON GMRS CH 6 : 462.650mhz








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